Our Louisiana inspired sports bar food is crafted with high quality ingredients and made with love. Our team members spend hours each day preparing sauces, hand wrapping shrimp, pressing burgers and preparing all the menu items you’ve come to love.


Our goal is to create Louisiana inspired sports bar food that is both memorable and crave-able. We understand our core customer and want to deliver a meal that exceeds their expectation through thoughtful design and consistent execution.

Brandon Landry | Founder/CEO

Chicken Berry Pecan Salad

Voodoo Shrimp

Classic Burger

Mardi Gras Mahi


The Burger of the Month (#BOM) is important to Walk-On’s as a brand.  One of our values is to try anything and never stop.  The BOM is proof that our team continues evolving and creating each and every day. Part of that evolution is bringing our guests a new BOM each and every month.

April 2017 BOM

BLUE MOON BURGER The Blue Moon burger is the #BOM for April 2017. It's an 8 oz burger patty topped with blue moon braised onions, grilled mushrooms, blue cheese crumbles and garlic aioli on an onion bun. Stop in and try one today!

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March 2017 BOM

AHI TUNA BURGER Our #BOM for March 2017 is another monster.  The Ahi Tuna Burger is a tuna burger topped with caramelized onions, swiss cheese, shredded cabbage, roasted tomato, asian gochujang sauce and a garlic aioli all on a brioche bun. We can’t wait to hear your...

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November 2016 BOM

THE GOBBLER You’re gonna gobble gobble this one up! We took our classic turkey burger and made it into a Thanksgiving feast. Cranberry relish, fried sweet potato chunks, cornbread stuffing, creamy brown gravy, garlic aioli, and of course, a turkey patty. It’s...

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October 2016 #BOM

ALLISON'S STUFFED BURGER A burger that deserves to be called THE BOM! 10oz. burger patty stuffed with more goodness than we thought possible -  cream cheese, jalapenos, bacon, mushrooms, and crushed red peppers.  Topped with pepper jack cheese and grilled onions,...

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September 2016 #BOM

HAWAIIAN BURGER The Hawaiian Burger – It’s a Vacation in your Mouth! Our classic burger with a tropical touch!  Half pound patty topped with 2 chargrilled teriyaki pineapple rings, grilled ham, and melted swiss cheese. Dressed with romain lettuce, red onions, and...

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August 2016 #BOM

CAPRESE BURGER Our August #BOM is the perfect burger to end your summer on a high note. Our hand pattied burger is topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, roma tomatoes, homemade garlic aioli, pesto sauce, and fresh basil; then drizzled with balsamic glaze and served on...

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July 2016 #BOM

PULLED PORK SLIDERS Our #BOM for July is another monster.  We serve up three steamed sliders loaded with hand pressed beef, BBQ pulled pork, homemade coleslaw and topped with a pickle. The Pulled Pork Sliders are the first #BOM to be served as sliders, but will not be...

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June 2016 #BOM

FRENCH DIP BURGER A classic and popular sandwich with a Walk-On’s twist! Our hand pattied and seasoned burger is smothered with Abita Amber braised onions and melted provolone cheese on a lightly toasted poboy bun with our house made garlic aioli and a side of...

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May 2016 #BOM

Fajita Burger Our #BOM for May is another monster.  It's a fiesta in your mouth.  We paired the flavors Mexico with the burger you know and love.  The end result is an incredible burger that will not leave you hungry.

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April 2016 #BOM

PB&J Burger Our #BOM for April 2016 goes into unique territory.  We topped our half pound burger with peanut butter and strawberry jam to create a sweet and savory burger you won't forget. We can't wait to hear your feedback on this month's Burger of the Month....

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March 2016 #BOM

PIZZA BURGER Our #BOM for March 2016 is an italian lovers dream.  We top our half pound burger with fresh marinara, fried pepperoni and 3 jumbo mozzarella cheese logs. We can't wait to hear your feedback on this month's Burger of the Month. Don't forget to tag us in...

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February 2016 #BOM

JALAPENO JACK BURGER Our #BOM for February is another monster.  Fried Jalapeno, Jalapeno Cream Cheese loaded up between a Jalapeno Cheddar Sourdough Bun makes spicy an understatement

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